Farm woman milking a cow

Farm woman Carrie Severt milking cow on her farm near Sparta in northwest Alleghany County, North Carolina.

First Grade Unit Plan

This unit plan was designed for first grade students but could be modified for all ages and grade levels. Like other Appalachian customs and cultures, I found Appalachian cooking and food preservation is quickly becoming a dying art. I wanted my students to be involved in learning about the old time ways of raising, gathering, preparing and preserving foods. Students will gain knowledge about their heritage while at the same time gain an understanding of what life was like in the mountains for the generations that came before them. Using information gathered by interviewing people from the region, reading books, field studies and technology, they can gain a better understanding of what it was like to grow up in the Appalachian Mountains and compare that way of life to their own lives today. Lesson plans included in this unit of study meet the goals and standards from the North Carolina Standard Course of Study from the Computer/Technology Skills (Grades K-2), English Language Arts, Healthful Living, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Information Skills Curiculum for First Grade.

By Cecilia Teem

Cullasaja Elementary School- Macon County Schools

Adventures of the American Mind- Western Carolina University


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