Caswell Dairy Farm

Pasteurizing and bottling milk in the Caswell dairy, owned and operated by E.O. Foster, FSA (Farm Security Administration) borrower in Caswell County, North Carolina.

Grades 2-12 Unit Plan

This unit is designed to direct students on the path of a career choice for a promising future in the job world. To help students identify and search for their ideal career. To show them what type of jobs are a good match for them and what types of jobs they should avoid. To help them discover their strenghts, weaknesses, interests and capabilities. To give them insight and clarity into the fundamental nature of the careers that will work well for them. We will take them on an exciting journey through the past to the future to discover how their ancestors made their living. This journey will include past history and the present future of jobs and trades in Haywood County. This project was designed to work with grades second through twelfth grades.

By Tammy Lanning

Thickety Christian School- Haywood County

Adventures of the American Mind- Western Carolina University


**This lesson plan does not include North Carolina Standard Course of Study Goals and Objectives.  Follow this link to find appropriate goals and objectives for this lesson.

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