One Room Schools in Haywood County

One Room School House

Small one room school building with bell tower that was once used as a church, 1905.Libray of Congress REPRODUCTION NUMBER NA1166a PHOTOGRAPHER Meany, Edmond S. Place Taken: Washington, 1905

Grades 1-8 Unit Plan

This is a grade 1-8 unit on one-room schools in Haywood County. It will include the first school to the present. This unit takes eleven days and covers computer skills, language arts skills, and social studies skills. It includes some art, music, and cooking activities. Students will learn what one-room schools were like, and compare them with schools of today.

By Anita Stephans

Waynesville Christian School- Haywood County

Adventures of the American Mind- Western Carolina School


**This lesson plan does not include North Carolina Standard Course of Study Goals and Objectives. Follow this link to find appropriate goals and objectives for this lesson.

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